All I Ever Wanted

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Hey, friends!

My newest book, All I Ever Wanted, is now available on Amazon for just $3.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited! I’m so excited about this new book! Here’s a little more about it…

All Jessica Fisher has ever wanted is to be married. She’s spent her days believing that once the right man comes along, she’ll finally be content. When her involvement in a new ministry in her church reveals how shallow her faith is and how her obsession with being married points to a bigger issue, she vows to change for the better. And God’s unexpected help to her during it all? A new believer named Nick Huntington.

Nick has been dealing with his addiction issues, one by one, when Jessica begins volunteering at the same recovery ministry that he leads. Just as he’s beginning to think that he finally has it all together, her growth in the Lord makes him reconsider where’s he at in his walk with Christ and the kind of man he wants to become, challenging him to allow God’s further change in his life.

As they continue down two very different paths with Christ, they’re surprised to find that He just might be leading them in the same direction…

All I Ever Wanted is a prequel to several Jenn Faulk books and is a must read for those who have enjoyed the books about the Huntington brothers. It’s also a story that celebrates the freedom that Christ brings and the transformation that He is continually working out in those who are following Him…

Head on over to Amazon and get your copy!

Happy reading!


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