Third Anniversary

Today is our third wedding anniversary!

And what better way to celebrate than by watching a sick one year old and her squirmy wormy sister? Yes, after sixteen months of perfect health in a tropical climate, Ana showed her distaste for cold Oklahoma weather by defiling the local Wal Mart last night. When I say “defiling,” I mean that she threw up every last bite of food that she had eaten in the past year (or so it seemed!) while standing in the checkout lane. She came home and threw up again, then immediately fell asleep, exhausted. We just woke her up, and she’s sitting next to me on the couch, looking irritated that she’s just getting water this morning and no milk. We’ll see if it stays down…

A little update on our family, for those of you who were wondering where in the world we are! We had been staying with my family in Fort Worth (with a visit to Wes’ family in San Antonio for a week) up until Sunday, when we moved to the mission house in Duncan that we are currently staying in. We’re supposed to close on our house this Friday, but I don’t think we’ll be moving in until after Christmas. I have no idea where the great majority of our stuff is, but it’s somewhere. Don’t I sound calm and serene about it all? You’ve caught me in a good moment. It’ll all get figured out eventually, and there will be a glorious day when I can locate more than one pair of tiny little Ana/Emma socks in the massive stack of luggage that we’re living out of. I was only able to find a pair of purple socks yesterday morning and had to unpack FOUR huge suitcases before another pair showed up. Wow.

And if I don’t get a chance to say it before then, merry Christmas! Hope your holiday is wonderful!

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