The Easter Bunny and His Make-Believe Friends

A question for all of you moms, soon-to-be moms, one day mommies… does the Easter Bunny visit your house? (Or will he, if you’re not there yet.) Does Santa Claus visit your house? How do you talk to your children about these annual visitors? How do you help them differentiate between the Easter Bunny/his assorted entourage and Bible characters? Even more challenging, how do you differentiate between characters in storybooks and characters in the Bible?

We’ve heard extremes from every direction possible and thought we had figured out how we were going to handle the whole issue. Then, we had children. Ha! Now, we’re not so sure.
I’m not sure you have to throw out everything. While I don’t want my girls equating Santa Claus with Jesus, I also don’t want them to be like the little five year old in a Sunday school class I was teaching once who told the ENTIRE room of kindergarten students, “Santa isn’t REAL! It’s your PARENTS!” Oh, my, how the tears flowed that day!

Thoughts? Ideas?

Oh, and on a totally different subject, here is the pout of death… with audio. (Audio being that she was whining through the pout. But you get the gist.) And her hair in a ponytail. Just because it was totally adorable for the ten minutes that she kept it that way.

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