A Mommy First

I was helping Ana with her Little People dollhouse, when Emma apparently wandered off. I like to give her some independence like this when we’re at home sometimes, so that she’s not constantly exploring with me breathing down her neck. All of the doors to the other rooms were shut, and I didn’t think there was anything she could get into between the kitchen and the living room. (Ha! Thinking we were all good was my first mistake.) A few minutes later, Emma came back in the living room with little black specks all in her hair, on her face, all over her arms, all over her legs, and even down to her little toes. In her hand she carried a brown paper. She had just used the potty, so I breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t THAT. And we don’t have houseplants, so I knew it wasn’t dirt either. Then, the smell of freshly brewed coffee hit my nose. Yes, Em had fished the used coffee filter out of the trash can and dumped its contents onto her head. After cleaning up the excess that had been sprinkled onto the floor, I took her straight to the bathtub, where she had a Gevalia-scented bath. I’m very thankful that she didn’t ingest any of the coffee grounds, since I’m pretty certain that would keep her from sleeping for a week. So, there you have it. A Mommy first. Coffee baths. (It could have been worse. I know. And I have experienced that worst. Trust me.)

In other news, I finished sorting through all of the fall and winter clothes, and just in time, too. The weather has turned nice and crisp outside, and Ana and Emma are thrilled to be decked out in jeans, jackets, and sneakers. Out of forty-odd pairs of shoes that I excavated from their closets, only two — count them, TWO — pairs actually fit their feet and were appropriate for winter. So, we took a little trip to the store today and got Ana a pair of Sesame Street sneakers and black dress shoes AND got Em a pair of Pooh Bear sneakers and black dress shoes. I know, I know — both sets of grandparents are reading this and thinking, “But I asked Jennifer a few weeks ago if the girls needed sneakers, and she said they were set!” I thought we were! Ana, however, had just one pair of brown Dora sneakers that fit, Emma could just barely fit her foot into Ana’s old Pooh Bear sneakers, and neither one of them could fit into ANY of the black dress shoes with tights on. And while Emma has been known to strut around the house in nothing but a diaper and black dress shoes on occasion, I didn’t think that would be quite appropriate for church. The girl needs to wear some “nylons” with those shoes, as an esteemed seminary wife once said. (And before you start asking exactly how Em gets into a state of undress with dress shoes on — it’s ALL her. She demands that I put the shoes on so that she can prance around!) Anyway, they’re set now. More than set, actually. And the winter wardrobe is complete. For another year. Whew.

Only a day to go on my ebay auction! Wes thinks we’ve won. I think he’s got to be right as I can’t imagine that anyone else would outbid us at this point. Eeee! That’s the sound of me, VERY excited about this! I remember winning an ebay auction in November of 2005 for a basketball signed by the San Antonio Spurs. (It was a championship year, and the entire team and coaching staff had signed the ball. This is where my fascination/confusion regarding PJ Carlesimo began, in case you’re wondering.) It was Wes’s Christmas gift from me (and an in utero Ana ), and while we spent what I considered a lot on what we were making as newlyweds, it was actually quite a steal and SO worth it. Wes was thrilled, bought a glass case for it, and it sits in his office next to his autographed Tom Landry football. (And someone else’s signature is on that ball. Roger Staubach? Is that who? I can just hear the Cowboy fans yelling at me now. Eh.) Anyway, while THAT felt like an exciting purchase… I think I’m even more excited about this. Yay! Can’t wait to share a picture of this treasure with y’all!

Speaking of Christmas, we took care of the girls’ gifts the other day. It is SO much fun shopping for kids! We’re completely done now with one side of the family (adults, kids, everyone!) and have a pretty good idea of what to get for those remaining on the other side of the family. Wes and I are gifting one another with a few days away (chan-less) for our anniversary. People told us when we planned a Christmas wedding that we’d never be able to celebrate our anniversary because of the holidays. They were wrong! Our first anniversary, we were able to get away… and I spent the entire time throwing up with morning/afternoon/evening sickness. Hmm. Our second anniversary, we were able to get away while our visiting parents watched Ana… and I spent the entire date throwing up with morning/afternoon/evening sickness. Um… yeah. Our third anniversary, we planned on getting away for at least a dinner out… but then Ana threw up at Wal-Mart the night before, Em threw up the morning of our date, and I started throwing up that evening as well. (NOT because of morning sickness, but it might as well have been.) So, they were wrong about the date itself being the reason for non-celebration. I blame our children. Ha! But not this year! Everyone is going to stay well. I’m willing it into reality, y’all. And from two months away, my sheer will should have some effect, right? Right?!

Ana was being a little ham tonight, and it’s put me in such a great mood. She does this thing where she purses her lips into a tight little line and throws her head back while watching me from the corner of her eyes. And because I know she’s waiting for it, I move in to kiss her neck, and she either 1) lets me while she’s giggling, or 2) pulls her head back up and shouts, “AH-HA!” at me. I don’t know what she’s thinking when she does this, but it’s hi-larrrr-i-ous to listen to her laugh at her own inside joke. (And if I don’t move in to kiss her neck in a timely manner, she yells, “Mommy!,” puts her little hands on my face, and pulls me in to give her a kiss on the lips. After which she explodes with laughter. What a ham!) I would post similar adorable kissing stories about Em, but she’s always up for some good kissin’ and laughin’. Sigh. I love these girls!
Hope you have a fabulous, fabulous weekend…

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