Odds and Ends

Wes is turning our ebay luck around. About two weeks ago, his Xbox flashed us “the circle of death.” If you know anything about Xbox products, you know that this isn’t a good thing. And if you know nothing about Xbox products, you can probably guess that it isn’t a good thing, just based on that descriptive name. Now that it’s dead and gone far, far away to some great garbage heap, Wes has a whole slew of useless games. He posted them on ebay, and people are outbidding each other left and right for them. Woo-hoo!

I’m so ready for the election to be over. I get at least three of those recorded voice phone calls a day from local and state politicians. One was even so advanced that it hesitated until it heard a FEMALE voice and then addressed me, personally, by name! (I was a bit weirded out by that, but it did its job because I stayed on the line just a little longer, thinking that there was actually a real person talking to me!) There’s a gentleman running for the Senate who has commercials out statewide where he talks excessively about (and posts pictures of) his Christian missionary work. What he doesn’t tell you on this commercial (which is obviously directed at a very conservative, smalltown Oklahoma audience) is that he has a very liberal voting record. His mission work reference, though, is enough to convince uninformed, Christian voters that he shares their conservative values and will rightly represent them at the national level. Tricky, isn’t it? I’ll be glad when the many deceptions of this election season are over. Or at least out of the news. And off of my phone!

The Fall Festival is tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect. We went around the neighborhood earlier this week, passing out flyers, and I know we’ve been publicizing it with children involved in our children’s ministry. I spent last night up there blowing up all of the inflatable games (with a pump, praise God, or I would be dead from breathing so excessively!), putting all of the candy in one place, and just checking to make sure that we have what we need. I think we do. We’re setting up tomorrow morning and plan to open the doors from 6pm to 8pm. I sure hope someone shows up. If not, Ana and Emma are going to have a blast playing those games by themselves and eating all of that candy. Ha! (They’ve been Mommy’s Little Helpers this week, with helpful hands, ready smiles, and great attitudes. We’re going to have to do something special for them soon to thank them for being so wonderful this week!)

My parents came to town today for a visit. They brought the girls some Halloween goodies and brought me a box of donuts. Not just any donuts, y’all. Donuts from the little one-room donut shop in my hometown. These are the sweetest, most amazing donuts ever. I could, quite literally, feel myself gain ten pounds just from smelling them. And then I went on to eat five of them in one sitting. Which wasn’t good, but how often do I get these donuts?! Exactly.
They also brought all of my old photo albums and journals from high school and college with them in a giant storage tub. Wes was just absolutely thrilled by this. (Not really. Ha!) I’ve been strolling down memory lane this evening, flipping through pictures, remembering days gone by… and wondering who in the world most of the people in these pictures are! Am I just that old, or were my college friendships just so shallow that I can’t remember who anyone is? (Maybe I should call them acquaintances. And during those dorm years, you always had those random acquaintances jumping into every photo op.) Ahh, memories. Sorority formals, BSM events, random trips, nights spent hanging out in the dorm/in the apartment… so much fun. But I’m glad it’s over. Those were great and amazing days, but these days are far, far better.
I was also convicted about those five donuts (ha!) while looking at pictures of a heavier, collegiate me. Not that it kept me awake at night then, but looking back, I can see how being overweight kept me from feeling good about myself a lot of the time. Not that life should be all about self and feelings, etc, etc. But I didn’t think there was much hope for ever being any different than I was and had convinced myself that I would be shallow and un-Christlike if I wanted to be something different than what God (and a whole lotta donut runs late at night) had made me to be. I don’t know why I mention it, other than to say that it just makes me a little sad to look back and remember the way I felt. And to know that we still, unintentionally perhaps, perpetuate the same attitude in Christian circles today. Why was I never convicted by a sermon on gluttony? Why was I never convicted by my total lack of exercise and concern for my health? Probably because those were issues that just weren’t talked about in church or the Christian communities I was involved in. Not that I’m without blame for the condition that I was in, but I’m convicted that even now, I do nothing within the body of Christ to uplift and encourage people in these areas, areas that are NOT shallow but have everything to do with health and well-being.

Anyway, that’s what five donuts in one sitting will do to you. That and some scary, scary pictures of yourself!

And speaking of scary, it’s almost Halloween! Just another hour or so. I’ll make sure and get lots of pictures of our scary little cheerleaders to post later!

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