Sweet, Short Statements

Sweet, short statements… just in time for the weekend!

– Can now run three miles without superhuman effort. Will have to move up to four miles now. (Boo!)

– Wrestled with our hedges this afternoon in a vain attempt to clean up all the leaves. Am scarred and bruised as a result. (But so ready for Round Two: Hedge Demolition!)

– Can’t convince Emma to wear anything besides princess dresses. Can’t get her to answer to her own name when she’s in costume and in character. Sigh.

– Thought I lost all the Disney videos when our camera’s battery died. Thankfully, did not. And now am a little bummed that we didn’t take more video.

– Have fallen in love all over again with Scrubs. Spent so many hours in Okinawa watching whole seasons while trying to get newborn Emmy to sleep. Am enjoying it even more now that I’m not watching it at 1am, 3am, 5am, etc.

– Found owner’s manual to old AC unit. Previous home owner wrote all repairs done to the unit on the back. Final entry on the list? “Last fix, I hope.” For you, buddy, but not for us!

– Think it would be easier to blow up the playroom than to try to straighten it up at this point. Barbies everywhere. Looks like a Civil War battlefield.

– Love doing short updates like this one.

– Looking forward to the weekend!

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