Different Stars

“For Sara Wright, life is perfect.  She has a booming ministry overseas, fulfilling friendships, and a great sense of contentment in all that she’s accomplished.  When the call comes from the mission board informing her that she’s being moved to a small country in Africa, she anticipates even better success and triumphs in her ministry, her personal life, and her future.

Upon arrival, though, she discovers that Namibia is different.  There’s the language barrier, the loneliness, the poverty, and the all but impossible ministry task ahead of her.  To top it all off, there’s also the frustrating and enigmatic Daniel Boyd, the only other missionary in the country, who annoys her almost as much as he fascinates her.

As Sara learns what it really means to be satisfied with Christ alone, she sees God do amazing things in the relationships around her.  When it comes to trusting Him with all of her future, though, will she be able to trust and do what He’s called her to?”

Different Stars will be available in Kindle format on June 1st… so very, very soon!  Paperback copies will also be available in June, and we’ll be taking pre-orders for signed copies in May.  I’m hoping to have this in your hands just in time for summer!

Thanks for your support, friends!  Please feel free to share this blog post and/or this information.  And if  you’re on Goodreads, click that you want to read it so that the word gets out! 

Happy reading!

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