Different Stars… RIGHT NOW!

So… can I let you in on a little secret?

We’ve been planning on releasing Different Stars, the next book in the Resolutions story, on June 1st.  In our enthusiasm to continue on with Sara’s story, we ordered some pre-release copies and had them shipped to Texas, long, long before June 1st.  Obviously.  Because they’re sitting here, staring me in the face.  Hello, box of super cute books!

Rather than wait for June 1st since so many of you have been saying that you want the book NOW, we’ve decided to go ahead and sell the pre-release copies that I have.  As a warning, there are a few typos in these copies that won’t be in the copies released after June 1st.  But as it stands right now, we’re figuring that this is the only shipment we’re going to distribute ourselves.  Which means that these pre-release copies?  Are the only ones I’m signing.  (Unless you buy one off of Amazon after June 1st and drive to Pasadena to have me sign it.  Kudos to you if you do!)

To get one of these pre-released copies, go to this link.  I’ll be getting your book out to you as soon as possible!

And for those who are waiting for the Kindle version, the book will become available on www.amazon.com on June 1st.  I’ll be posting via Facebook as soon as it goes live, just like I did with Resolutions.  If you haven’t already liked my author page on Facebook, be sure to do that so you can get the most up-to-date information on when it all happens!

Thank you SO much, friends!  Can’t wait for you to see a little more of the world with Sara…

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