Crazy, Busy June

Every summer, I mistakenly believe that June won’t be as busy as I think it’s going to be.  And then, it comes, and I’m blown away by how much BUSIER it is than I originally thought it might be!

This June, so far, has been no exception.  Wes and I spent last week at the Southern Baptist Convention, and while having it in Houston made for a more “at home” experience, it was even more exhausting than having it out of town, thanks to the rush hour driving and the long days spent at the convention center.  It was such a great week, though, and I’m planning on blogging more about it, as soon as I have time.

Likely, that will be this week at some point, but it won’t be today, as we begin VBS at our church this morning!  The girls are back from Gram and Gramps’s house and are EXCITED about VBS.  So am I! 

Will blog soon, I hope…

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