Faulkette Funnies

Emma to me, “I do not know who I will marry.”  Me to Emma, “You aren’t going to marry Papi?”  Emma to me, “No, because he will be an old man when I am a grown up.”  He will be — she’s right.

Me to Ana, “Who is cooler — me or Papi?”  Ana to me, “Papi, because he looks like me, and I’m a cool kid.”  Well, that’s what I get for asking a question like that.

While working on a research project to discover facts about the countries we’ll find at the World Showcase at Walt Disney World, Emma to me, “Papi could live in Canada because they LOVE bacon and maple syrup!”  He would endure the winters for some syrup-drenched bacon, eh?

Ana, regarding the Taylor Swift/Goat Trouble video, “Never gets old.”  It really doesn’t!

Emma, on why God gave her two ears and one mouth, “So, I can hear good and talk loud.”  And she does the latter.  The former?  Not so much.

Ana, on why boys are so great, “Because they take you out to eat and make all the money.”  Wow.  Just wow. 

Emma’s new favorite word? Absolutely. “Charlie absolutely needs some more dog food!” “This is absolutely delicious!” “That dress is absolutely beautiful!” And Mommy is about to absolutely lose her marbles!

Ana to Wes, after her cavity-free dental exam and his cavity-filled dental exam, “I brush my teeth twice a day, Papi.  Maybe you should try that.”  So helpful.

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