Just Breathe

Kenji Fisher and Tara Blair have been best friends from the moment that they met.   Through the seasons of life, they’ve grown together and stayed just what they were from the beginning — just friends.

As their work sends them on a project to Japan, they begin to appreciate one another in new ways, all as they question what they’ve believed, who they’ve been, and who they can be.  Half a world away from everything familiar, they experience everything new together, reminding themselves, again and again, to breathe. 

Just breathe.
A few months ago, Wes suggested I consider writing some “novellas” — shorter stories that we could offer readers in the interim period between novel releases.  I wasn’t so sure that idea was a good one… until I started thinking about some of the stories that could be told.  As we were reminiscing one day about the time that Wes ran our mommy van into a brick wall in Okinawa (or rather, brushed against it roughly), I thought about how many good stories we still have about Japan that didn’t get mentioned in Resolutions.  Which got me to thinking about what happened in Okinawa in that book, which got me to imagining what might have happened after that, and, well, before I knew it, we were fast-forwarding to the future….
… and there was a love story!  Set in Japan.  (Oh, brain.  You always go back to a love story, don’t you?)
I’m so excited to tell you that Just Breathe, a novella set in Japan (with appearances by some Resolutions characters) will be available on Amazon Kindle for $.99 on MONDAY, AUGUST 5th!  Yes, that soon.  And, yes, that cheap!  As my grandmother would say, you don’t even have to like love stories (or Japanese stories) to appreciate a good deal like that.
But this story?  You will LOVE it.
I’ll be posting more info on Facebook as it goes live next week, friends…

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