Just Breathe — TODAY!

Kenji Fisher and Tara Blair have been best friends from the moment that they met.   Through the seasons of life, they’ve grown together and stayed just what they were from the beginning — just friends.

As their work sends them on a project to Japan, they begin to appreciate one another in new ways, all as they question what they’ve believed, who they’ve been, and who they can be.  Half a world away from everything familiar, they experience everything new together, reminding themselves, again and again, to breathe. 

Just breathe.

TODAY is the day, friends!  You can get your copy of Just Breathe for $.99 on Amazon Kindle by going here

If you love that price but don’t have a Kindle, you can easily download the Kindle reading app for your PC or phone by going here.

And if you’d rather have a paperback copy, Amazon is offering a paperback version here.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  Thank you so much for reading, friends!  I would LOVE it if you’d pass the word along! 

Hope you love the story…

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