Believing God

I was finishing up my quiet time at the breakfast table the other day, while Ana and Emma were finishing up their pancakes.  I closed my Bible, looked at Ana, and said, “Ana, do you believe everything that God says?”

“Yep,” she said.  “Because He tells the truth.”

“What if He told you something crazy?,” I asked.  “Would you believe Him even then?”


“What if He told you that you were going to be the president one day?  Would you believe Him then?”

She considered this for a minute.  “I would believe it.”  Then, lowering her voice, “But He would not tell Emma that.  Because she was born in Japan.  So, she CANNOT be the president.  So, God would not tell her that.”

Then, Emma piped up, “Well, I don’t want to be the president anyway.”

And then?  Well, then, we veered way off topic, talking about what a president actually does and all and…. yeah.

But still.  Challenging, hearing how a seven year old has no trouble believing anything God says.  Praying that I would believe Him just as easily and sincerely…

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