So, You Might Not Know…

We are less than TWO WEEKS out from the release of Ready or Not, my newest chick lit book!  Woo-hoo! 

Yes, on DECEMBER 2nd, this fun story will be available in both Kindle and paperback format.  You will have survived Thanksgiving, battled the Black Friday crowds, and convinced your husband that your ten year old, pre-lit Christmas tree that is missing half of its lights and all of its fluff (ahem) is STILL GOOD.  You’ll need to reward yourself with a little early Christmas gift.  This book will fit the bill, y’all!

“But WAIT,!” you say.  “I’m still not caught up with the other books you’ve written!”

Are you not?!  That’s a real shame, because even though you don’t need to read them all to enjoy just one… well, you should read them all because they’re all connected.  (The same characters keep reappearing!)  The good news is that ALL of them are available for under ten dollars and that you can load them onto Kindle, like, NOW.  (Or, if you prefer paperback, they can be at your house LONG before the crazy Christmas season starts.)

So, go ahead.  Go on over to Amazon and just load up your Kindle.  I’ll wait.

Ooooohhhh, you’re not rushing over there quite yet because you don’t know what books are available, where they fall chronologically, where to even start, and all of that… right?  I totally understand that.  So, here are the full length novels, in the order they were written and in the order that the plot plays out…

And there have been two “novellas”  (145 pages and 168 pages, respectively) that take place about twenty years after the full-length novels…

Because I love y’all, I’ve linked over to each book’s Amazon page which will take you to the plot summary and lots of helpful reviews.  And if you’re like me, you’ll find that it’s super, super easy to just click on that “buy with 1-click” button and even easier to explain to your husband why you’ve just purchased six books in one sitting because “it was so easy to do that I didn’t even realize I was doing it!”  (Seriously.  I’ve bought books without realizing I was buying them before.  It happens!)

So, now you know.  And you can get to relaxing and reading, right?  Absolutely.

And because you have persevered to the end of this blog post (you are AWESOME!), I’ll share a little blurb with you about what’s up next…

Faith Hayes is good at solving mysteries.

But when you’re eight years old, some mysteries are just too big to solve all on your own.  As the summer ends and a new school year begins, Faith encounters one mystery after another as life changes unexpectedly for her and her family. 

With the help of her sister, Gracie, she works on solving every last mystery and learns along the way that even if she can’t always know what’s up ahead, she can always trust that Jesus knows what He’s doing. 

She just has to have a little faith.

This is the chapter book I wrote for my seven and six year old daughters, and just as soon as they can get their copies at Christmas and be the very first miniature chick lit fans to read them, we’ll be making additional copies available on Amazon. 

And after that?  There are some great, great stories to be told in 2014.  Can’t wait to share them with you!

Happy reading, friends!

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