Promises Kept

It has been a season of loss and grief for Chelsea and her children.  With so many burdens to bear and no relief in sight, she makes the move to a new place, hoping for change and a happier ending to their story.  Just as their futures are being wonderfully rewritten, Chelsea discovers a secret that challenges all that she thought to be true about love, trust, and keeping promises.
TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY, friends, we will be releasing this $2.99 novella!
Like my other books, this one involves Resolutions characters but can be read as a “stand alone” book as well.  Like my other novellas, it’s a shorter read (170 pages) and focuses on that “next generation” of characters.
BUT, unlike any other book I’ve EVER done before, this one includes a bonus — the first chapter of the next full length novel we’re publishing, due out in March 2014.
Can’t wait to share this story with you and the sneak peek of what’s coming in the spring.
Thanks for reading, y’all!

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