What a Bunch of Characters – Updated!


I originally posted this back in June of 2017. I’ve written a few more books since then and thought this might need to be updated. Before you start reading, remember – there ARE spoilers! I’ve italicized my updates. Have fun…

Every now and then, I get an email or a message from a reader who’s having trouble keeping all of my characters straight. They’re in good company (the readers, not the characters) because sometimes I also get confused about who exactly has married who and whether or not they’re related. At the end of 2015, I attempted to put them all together in a family tree, and that worked for a while. And then, more characters came along, everyone was falling in love, people were intermarrying, babies were being born, and… sigh. Chaos! Sappy, sweet, chick lit CHAOS!

So I’m trying to venture out now and make any characters who are already connected to other characters marry characters we don’t know. Hallelujah, right? One of these days I’m going to have to scrap the whole lot and move on to a whole new set who aren’t related to anyone, but at this point, I’m torn. Because Travis has three sisters, y’all, and they need to fall in love, right? Right?! (And they eventually did. Yay! Oh, except for Holly who moved to Dubai and is still waiting for me to write her book. 2019 is the year for that!)

We’ll get there. Soon. I promise.

In the meantime, those of you who’ve just jumped into this close-knit family of characters might want some clarification, and that’s exactly what I’m here to provide. I’ve written out a list of characters and helpful descriptions, telling you how they’re linked to other characters. Hey, Jenn, I can hear you say. Won’t this spoil everything for me if I read it? Well, it might ruin some surprises, but if you’re totally lost, reading just a little might clarify some things. And if you’ve already read all the books, this will definitely help you to make connections you might have missed, which will make the stories more fun the next time around!

All that said, READ WITH CAUTION! And here we go…

The Pre-Everything Generation…

Thomas Fisher – THE pastor of Grace Community Church. Father to Jessica, Emily, and Matthew, mentor to Stephen Hayes, husband to Lydia, and grandfather and great-grandfather to a ton of characters. He has Alzheimer’s and walks through life with that for nearly thirty years before passing on and having the biggest funeral ever… where people fall in love. (Because I couldn’t help myself.)

Lydia Witter Fisher – THE pastor’s wife. Probably my favorite thing about Lydia is how she shows up and becomes a friend to Chloe Thibideaux Hayes at just the right time.

Evelyn Primrose – She’s Emily’s boss and a very, very secondary character… but she has this niece…

The Resolutions Generation…

Emily Fisher Morales – It all started with Emily! She’s the daughter of Thomas and Lydia Fisher. Thomas is/was the pastor of Grace Community Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Emily has two siblings (Jessica and Matthew) and two best friends (Sara and Melissa). She also dated two guys in that first book (Stephen and Josh). She ended up with Josh, and they went on to have two children (Sadie and Jacob) and live happily ever after… even though they keep showing up in other books. Ahem.

Josh Morales – He is/was the bivocational pastor of Iglesia Redeemer in Fort Worth. He’s the youngest of several brothers, which is important later on when his niece, Natalie Morales Johnson Kirkland (yes, all those names), shows up in other books and is only about fifteen years younger than he is. (This makes it more probable that Josh’s son, Jacob, and Natalie’s son, Micah, are friends later on, even rooming together as fraternity brothers in college. Clear as mud? Moving on even if it isn’t…)

Stephen Hayes – Smokin’ hot Stephen! He goes from being the associate pastor at Grace to the senior pastor then eventually moves to River Fellowship, a church in central Florida. He’s best friends with Beau Thibideaux, which makes it possible for him to meet and fall in love with Chloe Thibideaux, Beau’s much younger sister. They go on to have two daughters (Faith Hayes Huntington and Gracie Hayes Morales) and have a lot of friendships with other characters who come through their church (Maddie Smith Finn, Kait Smith Botha, and Jill Walker Jackson.)

Some of your heads are already exploding, aren’t they? I’m so sorry, y’all…

Chloe Thibideaux Hayes – The much younger sister of Beau and Sophie and total wild child until she comes to Christ. She ends up married to Stephen and… well, you just read all about that. Next!

Melissa (oh, wow, I never gave her a maiden name!) Thibideaux – Emily’s friend, Beau’s wife, not related to anyone else. Praise God!

Beau Thibideaux – Beau is a rocket scientist who can’t match two socks together. He’s brother to Sophie Thibideaux Kotze and Chloe Thibideaux Hayes.

Sara Wright Boyd – Get ready. Okay, she’s Emily’s friend, and in the second book, she moves to Namibia to become a missionary. There she meets Riaan and Ana Marie Botha and Willem Kotze. More importantly, she meets Daniel Boyd, another missionary on the field, and marries him. They have one daughter, Marie Boyd Huntington.

Daniel Boyd – He’s a missionary in Namibia who doesn’t like much of anyone except for Sara. Aww. His hobbies include giving long, drawn out, fiery speeches on missiological principles, airing his grievances with the mission board, dancing in local shabeens while he speaks four different languages, and terrorizing his son-in-law, Scott Huntington. (Which is easy to do, because Scott is scared to death of him.)

Riaan Botha – A calm and quiet pilot in Namibia who comes to Christ and spends the rest of his life ministering where God has him. He’s married to Ana Marie, and they end up having two sons – Hendrik (Hennie) and Pieter (Piet).

Ana Marie Botha – Not as calm and quiet as her husband, but the rest is the same. She and Riaan are good friends to Daniel and Sara their entire lives. Ana Marie also becomes good friends with…

Sophie Thibideaux Kotze – Sophie is Beau and Chloe’s sister. She owns an accessories business, Sophie’s Choice, that becomes a franchise, making her one wealthy woman. She travels to Namibia to help Sara out with a project and ends up falling in love with Willem Kotze while she’s there.

Willem Kotze – Brother to Ana Marie and great irritant to Riaan, until he comes to Christ and cleans up his life. He’s also a pilot, and he volunteers to take Sophie to all the places she needs to go in Namibia to help Sara out. He falls in love with her and follows her back to New Orleans, where he gets lost on Bourbon Street and sick from beignets. (They go back to Namibia after that.)

Lisette Primrose – She’s Evelyn Primrose’s niece. (What?! Yes!) She ends up turning Sophie’s company into a shoe company called Tramps. Which you’ll hear more about…

Jessica Fisher Huntington – This woman is responsible for, like, twenty of my books because she just kept on having kids. I salute you and your full quiver, madam! Okay, so Jessica is Emily’s sister, and she’s married to Nick. She and Nick have SIX children. Sean Huntington, Sam Huntington, Scott Huntington, Stu Huntington, Seth Huntington, and Savannah Huntington Botha. (And they end up being foster parents to Jennie’s sister, Cara. So make that SEVEN children.)

Nick Huntington – He just kept on working and supporting all those children who were going to end up with books of their own. Good man!

Matthew Fisher – Matthew is Emily’s brother. He’s a Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan, where he meets and marries Shoko Fisher. They have two children, twins – Kenji Fisher and Kimmie Fisher Kinjo.

Shoko Fisher – Wife to Matthew and mother to Kenji and Kimmie.

Paul Connor – Yes! Paul Connor is the same age as these people! Paul is my FAVORITE character of them all. (And I know you all hate him. But he’s so much fun to write!) Paul is pastor of New Life – Dallas, husband to Phoebe, and father to Charity, Hope, and David. He also keeps showing up, usually with rude but apt words for everyone, especially after he takes the lead as president of the denomination’s convention.

Phoebe Connor – She doesn’t do much except worry about her promiscuous daughter, her socially awkward daughter, and the death threats her husband gets every time he opens his mouth.

Natalie Morales Johnson Kirkland – Okay, take a deep breath. Natalie is Josh’s niece. She marries Chris Johnson while still in college and has Micah within the year. Later, she has Joy, who has Down Syndrome. She becomes a widow at a young age, then meets Brian, who she marries despite Micah’s initial bad attitude about the whole thing.

Brian Kirkland – Brian is a pastor who we first meet when he’s in Louisiana. He has two daughters, Katharine and Ruth, and a much younger, later in life daughter, Elizabeth (who goes by Beth and who will show up again). They move to a pastorate in Oklahoma where his wife, Lisa, passes away from ovarian cancer. He moves to a church in Texas and meets Natalie in a grief support group.

Judy Woods Lucas – Judy becomes pregnant at fifteen and raises her son, Craig, on her own for many years. She and James Lucas, Craig’s father, both come to faith because of a revival, marry, and have three more sons – Aaron Lucas, Eli Lucas, and Isaac Lucas.

James Lucas – The patriarch of the Lucas family who is always glad when one of his sons brings home a girl who can become his daughter. (Judy is likewise excited when one of those girls has a granddaughter – finally!)

Brent Smith – Brent lives in Florida with his wife, Kaci… until they split up and he just basically splits. He has two daughters – Maddie Smith Finn and Kait Smith Botha.

Kaci Frederick Smith – But she drops that last name when Brent drops her. She’s Maddie’s agent and her mother and uses whatever role works best to get her way. (She was also pretty snooty to Chloe Hayes at one point.)

Patrick Finn – He’s a professor, then a dean, then the university president. Married to Barbara, father to Grant Finn and Rachel Finn Johnson.

Barbara Finn – She’s a women’s studies professor and expert. She loves her children but can be overbearing.

Still with me? Here are your favorites…

The “Huntington Brothers” Generation (Why in quotes like that? Because it’s not just them…)

Sean Huntington – The oldest Huntington brother, pastor of Hope Church in the DFW Metroplex, wife to Jennie, father to a whole lot of Bible named babies. Wears skinny jeans, uses too much hair product, lives to be relevant.

Jennie Huntington – Peppy, happy pastor’s wife who writes books about how to be the perfect pastor’s wife. Might lose her marbles thanks to her children but will put a “God bless them!” spin on their insanity… because otherwise she would just go postal on them. Kids are Nehemiah, Ezra, Esther, Jonah… did I get them right? (And then they become foster parents!)

Sam Huntington – The strong and silent type, Sam goes into the Marine Corps at eighteen. Meets Faith Hayes several years later and falls for her, not remembering how old she is and how he was her hero when she was a little girl. Tries to forget about Faith and finds himself in combat during his deployments. Comes home several years later with PTSD and not a lot of hope. Meets Faith again, and they fall in love and marry as they both work through their issues. (I gave them an adopted son eventually, but I can’t even remember his name now. He was a Marine, though. And NO, I can’t go back and revisit those details and give him a story because it’s all too confusing as it is!)

Faith Hayes Huntington – Daughter of Stephen and Chloe, once a fiancée of Craig Lucas, eventually married to Sam Huntington. Midwife and perfectionist who I kinda want to slap sometimes. (Oh, don’t act like that. You know you want to slap her, too!) Ended up adopting a little boy that we never heard about again. (My bad. But I would’ve ended up slapping her if I’d kept writing her stories!) (See the above description about him, lol)

Scott Huntington – The fun brother! Also the alcoholic brother. (Bummer.) Has a come to Jesus moment after a DWI, then actually does come to Jesus when his construction company has him working for Marie Boyd…

Marie Boyd Huntington – Daughter of Daniel and Sara Boyd, once the girlfriend of Piet Botha (son of Riaan and Ana Marie Botha), pursued by Chad Harper (he’ll come up again, wait for it), eventually married to Scott Huntington. She lives in the US after going through the culture shock of leaving Namibia. Seems to be intent on having as many children as her mother-in-law. Kids (last time I counted) were Nathan, Hannah, and that one that was on the way… (And they all got named eventually. Nate, Hannah, Beckett, Aubrey, Edie, and – surprise! – Nick, who came along once Scott and Marie were old enough to be grandparents and was named after his grandfather, in case you didn’t catch that.)

Stu Huntington – Came to Christ while building a political platform for himself. Fell in love with Abby. Married her then became a pastor. Much freaking out commenced on Abby’s part…

Abby Huntington – A pastor’s daughter who has seen the worst of churches. Grew up with Rachel Finn Johnson and had a thing with Rachel’s brother, Grant. Ditched Grant to date Stu, married Stu, stayed with Stu even through their troubles. Called Jennie’s boobs perfect. (Because pregnancy brain.) Kids are Chance and Claire.

Seth Huntington – One of my faves. He shows up (literally, he’s born) in Resolutions as a premature little guy, but he’s all grown up and working as a vet in his book. Best friends with Grant Finn, and Grant’s sister, Rachel Finn, is in love with him. Almost pursues something with her but doesn’t. Ends up falling for a widow named Chelsea and her two kids, Tanner and Maggie.

Chelsea Evans Moore Huntington – Oh, yeah, this is another convoluted mess. Not Chelsea, but all the connections! Chelsea grew up attending New Life – Dallas (Paul Connor’s church) and has a sister named Cammie. (What?! Yes, yes, yes…) She (Chelsea, not Cammie) was married to Kyle Moore, who was the nephew of Stephen Hayes. (I know! What was I thinking?!) They had Tanner and Maggie before Kyle passed away from cancer. Chelsea meets Seth, falls in love with him, marries him, and has a ton of kids. Tanner, Maggie, Livi, Ethan, Charlotte, and Avery. Yes, Avery Huntington… Oh, and there was another baby, Ky, who was born from an affair between Kyle and Gina, a lady we’ll never hear from again because I would be so confused if I kept on going down that road…

Savannah Huntington Botha – The last of the Huntingtons! Savannah is a photographer who does freelance work. That puts her with “Henry Booth,” who ends up being…

Hendrik (Hennie) Botha – Son of Riaan and Ana Marie, he works in New York under a slightly different name. The company? Tramps, which was Sophie’s company but now belongs to Lisette Primrose. The company falls apart, just as Hennie is forced to go back to Namibia for a family emergency. He and Savannah come to Christ, fall in love with each other, and go on to marry and have three children – Ryan Botha, Johan Botha, and a girl who I never named… (And remember, Piet is still in Namibia having his own family, all of whom you’ll meet in Holiday Town, the Namibian Christmas book I’m putting out at the end of November. Piet has two kids who are mentioned in The Mrs Degree – Riana and Annika. Riana is the one getting married at the beginning, and Annika is the one making the moves on poor, clueless PJ. In Lost and Found, Zoe mentions another one of Piet’s children – Johan, who goes by Hansie. Wanna know why he goes by Hansie? Because he has a cousin with the same name! Sigh. I picked up on this late in the game in Lost and Found, and I didn’t want to change his name, so I just gave him the common nickname for that name. This is what happens when everyone is related! Oh, and Piet had another kid, too. Jude, who will be making a grand appearance in Holiday Town and another book in 2019…)

Kaito Kinjo – Kaito starts off as the pastor of a church in Okinawa then moves to Tokyo to minister to university students, starting a house church while he’s there. He’s married to Kimmie, who does an excellent job of translating everything for him.

Kimmie Fisher Kinjo – Daughter to Matthew and Shoko, sister to Kenji, wife to Kaito, and a mathematics professor at the University of Tokyo because she’s, as Kenji says, “freakin’ brilliant.” She also entertains Paul and Phoebe Connor in Tokyo, regaling them with all the Tex Mex they can eat. (For real. Take Heart. Check it out.)

Kenji Fisher – He ends up at the University of Houston (go, Coogs!) then makes his way up to New York to work alongside his best friend (who he ends up marrying), Tara Blair Fisher. He’s also good friends with his cousin, Jacob Morales, and they’ve been known to run marathons together.

Tara Blair Fisher – She falls in love with Kenji in Japan and becomes unlikely friends with his sister. She also has an unhealthy relationship with M&Ms and has been known to puke on Space Mountain. (The two may be connected. I’m not sure.)

Piper Witt – Works for All Nations. Grew up on the mission field. Befriends Savannah Huntington. Falls in love with her colleague…

Chad Harper – Yes, Marie’s Chad. He works at All Nations as well. Falls in love with Piper. Happy, happy, happy… (And Piper Witt is a real person, y’all. She lives in Botswana with her missionary parents, and while she isn’t quite old enough for her own love story yet, I think her mom enjoyed the book anyway. Ha!)

Kait Smith Botha – Daughter of Brent and Kaci Smith, sister to Maddie Smith Finn. Kait grew up in Florida as a sometimes visitor to River Fellowship, Stephen and Chloe Hayes’s church. She comes to Christ in college and goes to work for the mission board. Finds herself in Namibia, where she meets…

Piet Botha – Son of Riaan and Ana Marie Botha, once the boyfriend of Marie Boyd Huntington. He meets Kait in Namibia, and they end up together where they work with…

David Connor – The son of Paul Connor. Missionary to Namibia, which is where he gets reacquainted with his childhood friend…

Cammie Evans Connor – Cammie grew up at New Life – Dallas, was best friends with Charity and Hope Connor, and ends up in Namibia where she falls in love with David Connor. They end up with two children – Evan and Zoe.

Craig Lucas – Once the associate pastor of River Fellowship (Stephen Hayes’s church), which is where he met and got engaged to Faith Hayes. She dumps him (grr), and he moves back to Louisiana, where he’s originally from. Lots of secrets with Craig that we don’t figure out right away. He eventually ends up with…

Hope Connor Lucas – Daughter of Paul Connor, denomination president, which makes for a stressful life. She’s the single daughter who never left home, starting her own ministry in Dallas to unwed teenage mothers. She gets the opportunity to start her work in Louisiana and get away from her father’s obligations. Meets Craig, and they eventually end up married with a few kids. PJ (Paul James Lucas) is the only one who has been named so far…

John Pearson – He was Hope’s friend first. Met her sister, Charity, and that was that. Works as a pastor at a church in West Texas.

Charity Connor Pearson – Daughter to Paul Connor, twin sister of Hope Connor Lucas. Married to John, mother to Aiden, Amelia, and Adam, the kid who proved that vasectomies don’t always work.

Erin Miller – A pastor’s daughter and a stay-at-home mom who goes to John and Charity’s church. Wife to Charlie Miller, mother to Caleb, Abby, and Evie. Good friend to Charity.
Charlie Miller – Football coach turned school administrator. Member of John and Charity’s church. Skeevy adulterer, but I don’t leave him that way.

Aaron Lucas – Son of James and Judy, brother of Craig, Eli, and Isaac. He lives in a small town in Louisiana, where he works as an engineer and falls in love with…

Libby Phelps Lucas – Libby is raising Max, her sister’s little boy. She ends up with Aaron, and last time I checked, they had one other child, Owen.

Eli Lucas – Goat farmer turned entrepreneur. Has his own tutoring business where he employs nerds like himself to do all the work while he supervises. Work smarter, not harder. On his way to making tons of money when God changes his heart and he begins to fall in love with…

Charlotte Jackson Lucas – A math genius who works for Eli as his accountant. Has no family of her own apart from her crazy uncle, Mark Jackson, who is a missionary in the Middle East. Becomes a part of Eli’s family long before they become romantically involved, even when Eli is dating…

Alicia Primrose – Hold onto your hats for this one, y’all. For a year, Eli Lucas dates Alicia Primrose, who is the niece of Lisette Primrose, owner of the now defunct Tramps, which was once Sophie’s Choice, owned by Sophie Thibideaux Kotze. (What?! It gets better.) This also makes her a distant relative of Evelyn Primrose, who was Emily’s boss way back in Resolutions. She cheats on Eli with…

Jason Kinsey – We only see him briefly, but he’ll be important later on. Or rather, the child he has with Alicia will be. Duh, duh, DUUUUUHHHH! (Trust me. You’ll be surprised.) (Were you surprised?! I’m not very sneaky, but springing Melanie Kinsey on all of you felt REALLY sneaky.)

Isaac Lucas – Son of James and Judy, brother of Craig, Aaron, and Eli. Track star turned track coach after an injury. Meets and falls in love with…

Haley Anderson Lucas – She grew up in the town next to Isaac’s town. She has two brothers – Eddie and Joey. She was best friends with a girl named Beth Kirkland years ago. Marries Isaac and finally gives Judy Lucas those long-awaited grandDAUGHTERS…

Eddie Anderson – Haley and Joey’s brother. Eddie becomes good friends with Aaron Lucas. Once upon a time, his mentor was Brian Kirkland (who you might remember is now married to Natalie, Josh’s niece, Micah’s mother… confused yet?!). Eddie followed Brian as the pastor of the First Baptist Church in their small town, and he’s married to Courtney…

Courtney Anderson – She was Libby Phelps Lucas’s best friend in high school. Led her to Christ. She’s now married to Eddie.

Joey Anderson – Eddie and Haley’s brother, grew up at Brian Kirkland’s church. Went into ministry himself, where he was called to plant a church alongside…

Beth Kirkland Anderson – Brian Kirkland’s youngest daughter and Haley Anderson Lucas’s childhood friend. She’s a member of Sean Huntington’s church (oh, yes) and agrees to be a part of a team that will plant a campus of Hope Church in a more rural area of the Metroplex. Meets Joey, the called pastor of that church plant, and the two of them reconnect, fall in love, and… well, you know how it goes. (Get ready for Holiday Town! Joey and Beth have been busy…)

Rachel Finn Johnson – Daughter of Patrick and Barbara Finn, sister of Grant Finn, best friend of Abby Huntington, and long time admirer of Seth Huntington. She rear ends then falls in love with…

Micah Johnson – Son of Chris and Natalie Johnson. (Natalie was Josh’s niece back in Resolutions, remember?) Brother to Joy, friend/cousin to Jacob Morales. He marries Rachel, and they have two daughters, Mia and Zoe. (He also takes over the dental clinic that belonged to Sara’s dad. Sara? Sara Wright Boyd, one of the original Resolutions characters! Micah even tells Rachel about how he and Dr. Wright visited Namibia on a medical mission trip.)

Joy Johnson Knox – Micah’s sister, Rachel’s bestie. Marries…

Taylor Knox – The “smiliest guy” that his nieces, Zoe and Mia Johnson, know.

Grant Finn – Son of Patrick and Barbara Finn. Best friend to Seth Huntington. Brother to Rachel Finn Johnson. Chef and restaurant owner. Meets and falls in love with…

Maddie Smith Finn – Daughter of Brent and Kaci Smith, sister of Kait Smith Botha, member of River Fellowship (where Stephen and Chloe Hayes are). Good friends with Faith and Gracie Hayes when they were little girls. Maddie writes smutty books, which is what led to the writing workshop she was leading when she met Grant. They have one child – Sawyer Grant Finn.

Sadie Morales Patterson – Daughter of Josh and Emily Morales. Sister of Jacob Morales. Cousin to all the Huntingtons. Works as a doctor of sports medicine in Houston. Meets and falls in love with…

Trent Patterson – A big, ugly, white guy who plays basketball. Has some secrets of his own, which Sadie learns, and … well, you’ve read the book.

Jacob Morales – Son of Josh and Emily Morales. Brother of Sadie Morales Patterson. Best friend and cousin to Micah Johnson. Cousin to all the Huntingtons. Moves to Florida where he gets pursued by Jill Walker (before she becomes Jackson). But he’s only there for…

Gracie Hayes Morales – Daughter of Stephen and Chloe Hayes, sister to Faith Hayes Huntington. Works as Tinkerbell at Walt Disney World. Falls in love with her childhood friend, Jacob Morales. Last time I checked, she had four kids — Andrew, Lydia, Ben, and Joel…

Mark Jackson – Charlotte’s crazy missionary uncle. (Young uncle, which is how he technically still fits in this generation.) He meets and falls in love with…

Jill Walker Jackson – She was the “seductress” from Jacob’s story. Becomes good friends with Chloe Hayes when she goes to work for River Fellowship and becomes a believer. At the end of her book, she’s married to and expecting a baby with Mark. Aww… (And his name is Michael Jackson. Because Mark didn’t know that name was already taken.)

Lisa Walker Peterson – Jill’s sister. One of the few characters who falls in love with someone NOT connected to the rest of this mess. Woo-hoo!

Kevin Peterson – aka, Kevin Piggerson. Kindergarten teacher, solid believer, and all around nice guy. Ends up with Lisa for a sweet happily ever after. Sigh.

*Bradley Walker – Brother of Jill, Lisa, and Michelle (no book for Michelle, so I’m leaving her off this list – you’re welcome). His book is coming up… (And I ended up writing that book! Wasted Time, where he meets…)

Julie Thompson – Bradley’s love interest and realtor. Not in that order.

Carter Phillips – Stop reading if you haven’t finished Wasted Time! You’re still reading? Are you sure you want to do that? Okay, so Carter is the half brother that none of the Walker siblings knew they had. What?! And he’s awesome. And I would give him his own book if I didn’t think it would continue to confuse me. I might still give him his own book. I don’t know…

The Last Generation (It’s gotta end with these folks to save my sanity)

Aiden Pearson – One of my faves! Son of John and Charity Pearson, brother to Amelia and Adam. Friend to Travis Collins. Is a total mess until he comes to Christ and meets…

Laurie Roberts Pearson – A small town doctor trying to make a difference in the world and atone for all the mistakes she feels she’s made. She comes to Christ and falls in love with Aiden.

Travis Collins – Friend to Aiden Pearson, brother of Leslie, Holly, and Brooke. He has a successful business that leads him right to…

Avery Huntington Collins – Avery is (get this) the youngest daughter of Seth and Chelsea Huntington. She follows in her dad’s footsteps by becoming a vet but branches off from the family by moving far, far away. Because her mother’s sister is Cammie, she’s related – once or twice removed – to the Pearsons, because Charity is Cammie’s sister-in-law, thanks to David. What the what?! Don’t think about the improbability of it all too much. The most important thing is that she’s NOT related to Travis, so they can marry each other. Yay!

*Leslie Collins – Sister to Travis… her book is coming! (And it happened – First Love. She ended up with…)

Blake Young – High school sweetheart turned local youth pastor and sampler of all cupcakes.

*Holly Collins – Sister to Travis… her book is coming! (Seriously, y’all. I’m going to make this happen!)

*Brooke Collins – Sister to Travis… her book is the one I’m working on right now! Eeee! (And it was epic! Always is one of my favorite books, probably because of…)

Jordan Sanders – Brooke’s best friend from childhood and through to adulthood, who is, like, my favorite hero of them all. Because he loves Jesus and has a job. (Middle aged much on my part? I’m telling you, that scene where he shows her the house he’s bought and tells her about how his financial future is secure is just about the hottest thing ever, y’all.)

Caleb Miller – Son of Charlie and Erin Miller, brother to Abby and Evie. He’s a doctor in California and is married to…

Amelia Pearson Miller – Daughter of John and Charity Pearson, sister to Aiden and Adam. She goes out to Hawaii for Adam’s wedding and falls in love with the brother of the bride, who was her childhood friend once upon a time. (Remember? Charity and Erin were good friends…) They have a baby named Noelle.

Adam Pearson – Son of John and Charity Pearson, brother to Aiden and Amelia. Seminary student turned church planter who falls in love with…

Evie Miller Pearson – Daughter of Charlie and Erin Miller, sister to Abby and Caleb. She falls in love with and marries Adam and does her very best to not turn into her mother-in-law.

Evan Connor – Son of David and Cammie Connor. He’s not getting his own book, but you’ll see him soon.

*Zoe Connor – Daughter of David and Cammie Connor… her book is coming! (And it was Lost and Found! And people didn’t like Luke because of the age difference. Which is fitting because David Connor didn’t like him either. But I loved him with Paul and all those talks about circumcision and eating Baconators.)

Luke Reynolds – The buzzard. Paul Connor’s assistant and a man with ties to Hope’s original pregnancy center. He falls in love with Zoe Connor.

*PJ Lucas – Son of Craig and Hope Lucas… his book is coming! (I brainstormed this book with L.N. Cronk, and she tried to get me to kill him off or give him some horrible disease to amp up the drama. I couldn’t kill him, though, and I didn’t know what kind of disease he could have, so… well, you know what happens. Blame Leeann for that!)

Riana Botha – Daughter of Piet and Kait Botha. She’s not getting her own book, but you’ll see her soon. (And you’ll see her again in Holiday Town!)

*Melanie Kinsey – Daughter of Jason Kinsey and Alicia Primrose Kinsey… her book is coming! (And she was in The Mrs. Degree!)

Maggie Moore Garrison – Daughter of Chelsea Evans Moore Huntington and step-daughter of Seth Huntington. She’s a little girl in Promises Kept. In Obsessed, she’s all grown up and in a whole world of trouble. (Some of you just now made that connection, didn’t you?)

Reid Lucas – Son of Craig and Hope Lucas. He’s the black sheep of the family and has some unresolved issues from his past when he comes to Christ and goes into ministry. He meets…

Nora (did I not give her a last name?!) – She works at the pregnancy center at Hope and Craig’s church. Mother to Maisy and Remy.

And here’s where everyone became related. For real.

Mia Johnson Huntington – She’s Rachel and Micah’s daughter. Works at the center where her aunt Joy is a student. Meets a vet-in-the-making named…

Ethan Huntington – Can you believe it? All those years Rachel dreamed that she would marry Seth, and her daughter ends up married to his son! What?! I’m just hoping they weren’t really cousins somehow. Speaking of cousins…

Nate Huntington – Ethan’s cousin and best friend, son of Scott and Marie, grandson of Daniel and Sara. (He connects to Resolutions, y’all. Wild.) He’s a graduate student who has a friendship with…

Athena Johnson Huntington – She was originally Zoe Johnson, twin sister of Mia and daughter of Rachel and Micah. Why the name change? Well, because I already had a character named Zoe. Yes, for real. And when I tried to think through why she’d change her name, I came up with this outrageous plot about her being a feminist (which fit with what I’d already said about her grandmother, Barbara Finn) and everything else fell into place with her book, Worth It. (Was it worth it, all the hours I spent trying to make this all plausible, all because I’d stupidly named two characters the same name? Yes, yes, it was. Oh, and I love the name Zoe. If we’d had a third child, she would have been Zoe Faulk.)

Sawyer Finn – Son of Grant and Maddie Finn. He’s a photographer with all kinds of work and relationship issues until he meets…

Amber Wilkinson – Her engagement falls apart, she’s in debt, and she goes to work for her wedding photographer in an effort to get out from what she owes him. They fall in love (of course), and they end up having a child – Stella. And she’s getting a book. (A super fun book that I just started working on today!) So, yeah… I guess Sawyer wasn’t the last generation after all. Sigh.

*Lucy Anderson – The daughter of Beth and Joey Anderson. She’ll show up in Holiday Town.

*Jude Botha – The son of Piet and Kait Botha. He’ll show up in Holiday Town… and another book. (And you can already see what’s going to happen, can’t you?!)

Wow. Did I get them all?! Let me know if I left someone out. I put * by all the books that I still have to write. (Obviously, those are written now. But I did put * and italicize the ones that are still to come!) After those are done, I think I might start with a whole new set of characters… (No, you won’t, Jenn. Because people will ask for Huntington books! And then they’ll want to go back to Namibia, and you’ll be all, “JUDE! He has to have a book! And it’s going to be THE BEST BOOK EVER!” Don’t say you’re moving on because you just keep coming back to your old characters…)

(Did I get them all?! I’ve got Holiday Town, the Namibia holiday book coming up. Then there will be one about Stella Finn. And 2019 will start with – yes – Jude’s book. Epic. And after I write Holly’s book, I really should write new characters! Let’s see if it happens…)

I hope this helped! Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “What a Bunch of Characters – Updated!

  1. Stacy says:

    Oh, and don’t forget that Ethan and Mia Johnson Huntington has a son named Patrick . . . to go along with Stella Finn and the next generation.


  2. Kathy Blair says:

    Hi, Jenn! Love your books! I do have one request though; sometimes some of the characters speak Namibian and I have no idea what they’re saying. Every now and then I can figure it out by context clues, but sometimes I have no clue at all and don’t know where to took for a translation. Other than that, I love, love, love your books!


    • jennfaulk1 says:

      Hey, Kathy! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! Those characters are speaking Afrikaans, and you might be able to do an online translation and get a sense of what they’re saying that way if I’ve left it unclear in the story. Hope this helps! 🙂


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