Holiday Town

I’m so excited to share my newest book with you! I said I would wait until closer to Christmas to release it… but that didn’t happen. I couldn’t wait! Here’s a little bit about Holiday Town

Christmas holiday at the beach concept

It’s Christmas in Namibia, and the season is full of drama, love, and faith in the holiday town of Swakopmund.

Beth Anderson, after a life-changing cancer diagnosis and difficult treatment, is a thankful survivor who has gone to Namibia with her family, eager to serve Christ alongside her husband, Joey, in a ministry to local pastors. Before they can get up north to their new home to begin their work, she and Joey come to see that God has brought them right to Swakopmund during Christmas for a very different reason.

Kait Botha is still reeling from a discovery that threatens her marriage and all that she once believed about her husband, Piet. As she buries herself in her work and her life as a mother to four teenagers, she resists Piet’s attempts to reconcile, all the while struggling with questions about her past, who she is, and whether or not she should have chosen the life that she did.

Lucy Anderson is trying to view the move to Namibia as a great adventure. As she navigates being a preteen in an entirely different culture, she grapples with the questions she has about God in light of her mother’s cancer and remission, forming an unlikely friendship with a very interesting young man in the process…

Holiday Town is about trusting Christ with every season in life and finding Him to be faithful no matter where in the world you find yourself…

This book is one of my favorites, and I hope you’ll love it! You can get your copy here. The book is just $2.99 or FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Happy reading!

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