Hey, friends! There’s been a lot of new traffic on the blog and some of my social media accounts lately, and I’ve had a few people suggest that I write a blog post introducing myself to the new readers out there, giving you details about how you can get the latest updates on my books, how you can connect and interact online with other readers (and me!), and – yes! – where you can find a family tree to connect all these characters that seem to be related. (I know you were waiting for that last one!)

My name is Jenn, and I grew up in Alvarado, Texas, a small town just twenty miles south of Fort Worth. I became a believer when I was fifteen years old, and Jesus began transforming me from a high-achieving perfectionist who found her value in good grades and the approval of others to a work in progress who daily grapples with what it means to know Him and honor Him with all of my life. I have a BA in English-Creative Writing from the University of Houston and an MA in Missiology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In between earning those two degrees, I served for two years as a youth evangelist in Swakopmund, Namibia, which is undoubtedly the most wonderful place in all of Africa. (And I only mention it because a lot of my books are set in Swakopmund…)

My husband, Wes, is a pastor. He loves the Word of God, has been redeemed and transformed by Christ, and continually amazes me both as he preaches and as he relates to those around him, leading others to Christ and celebrating the work of God with genuine enthusiasm. (Jumping up and down in the baptistry enthusiasm. I love him so much!) We’ve served churches in Japan, Oklahoma, Texas, and now in Louisiana, where Wes is the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Vidalia. He just completed his Doctor of Ministry in Church Revitalization from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I’m so, so proud of him. We run marathons together, but Wes also does triathlons and completed an Ironman in 2015.

We have two children. Ana is a calm and serious seventh grader who loves reading and writing. She enjoys spouting random, detailed facts at odd times and is always asking difficult questions about Scripture that we have to look up. She spends her free time playing her clarinet and hanging out with our church’s youth group. She wants to be a teacher and a writer one day. Emma is a boisterous and (oftentimes) silly sixth grader who loves playing her flute ALL THE TIME. She enjoys socializing with anyone (and everyone) and all things Elvis. She spends her time playing that flute (did I mention this already?) and hanging out with our church’s youth group. She wants to be a band director one day and a caregiver for her aging mother. (Her words, not mine.)

I started working on my first book, Resolutions, in 2012 when Emma went to kindergarten. I didn’t think I would write any books beyond that one, but as of right now, I’ve written and published 51 books. With the exception of Happily Ever After (which is permanently free and which you can find here), all of my books are available exclusively on Amazon and are part of Kindle Unlimited, which means they’re free to subscribers.

And now for some fun links…

Jenn Faulk Books – This is a complete list of my books in the order that they were written, including descriptions, covers, and links

Jenn’s Amazon Page – This is my author page on Amazon, where you can download all of my books and where you can follow me for updates on new books and new deals

Jenn’s Book Bub Page – This is my author page on Book Bub, where you can follow me and get updates on my books and similar books in the Christian romance genre

Jenn Faulk Books on Facebook – Come over and join us on this page on Facebook, where I post every week! I love chatting with readers on this page…

Jenn Faulk Newsletter – My newsletter peeps are the first ones to get news about deals and new releases! And when you sign up for my newsletter, you get a free short story that’s only available to subscribers…

I’m also over on twitter – @jennfaulk and on Instagram as jennfaulk

And for those blog posts about my books and their characters…

Character List – This is a little outdated, but it’s a complete character list through the end of 2018. Reading this might leave you more confused than ever, so click at your own risk…

Family Tree – I did this family tree early on in this whole journey, so there’s much more that could be added. I’m scared to try (ha!) since I’ve intermarried so many characters. But if you’re just starting out, this is a great introduction to how we went from three girls – Emily, Sara, and Melissa – to fifty-one books full of characters, their children, and their grandchildren…

Book Excerpts – This link will take you to a page full of book excerpts if you want to check out some of my stories. I’m trying to tag all the past posts as quickly as I can so the list will be more complete soon!

Head on over and click the follow button on Amazon and Book Bub, go over and like my group on Facebook, and be sure to sign up for that newsletter if you want the latest info on my books or just want to connect with me and other readers. And as always, thanks for reading!





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