New Book – Wanted

wanted pic

Hi, friends!

My newest book, Wanted, has just been released and is available now on Amazon for $3.99 or for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription!

Here’s a little more about the book…

When Taylor Robinson moved to the US from China to attend college, he thought he would make a difference for Christ with his music, his witness, and his life. But culture shock and loneliness left him reeling, and he walked away from his faith after making several poor decisions. In this troubling place, he asks himself a hard, discouraging question – does God even want him anymore, after all of his mistakes?

Jade Matthews has decided to find her birth mother. She immediately hits a dead end in the process, though, when she can’t even translate the only small bit of information that she has regarding the events in China that led to her adoption and her move to the US. As she grapples with all of her unanswered questions and seeks clarity in it all, she’s plagued with this question – why was she unwanted by her birth mother?

At just the right time, Taylor and Jade meet and begin to attempt to find the answers together, setting out on a journey that will take them around the world and to places they never expected their search to lead.

Wanted is a story about adoption, about grace, and about the love of Christ, which finds us no matter where we are.

Get your copy of Wanted by going here.

Happy reading!


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