FREE book – Meant To Be

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Hey friends!

Just writing to let you know that my favorite Jenn Faulk book is FREE today on Amazon! Here’s a little more about Meant To Be

It rains and shines all at the same time. Sometimes.

When Lucy Anderson met Jude Botha, she was an awkward, shy preteen, just beginning an adventure overseas alongside her family as they pursued a new ministry opportunity. Jude was the first boy she met in Namibia, and his friendship remained in her heart long after she returned to the States. Years later, she’s on her own in America when she gets a text from Jude, asking if he can see her again.

Jude Botha left Namibia at eighteen, determined to become a rock star in the States. In the years since arriving in America, though, he’s let go of his childhood faith, venturing into a lifestyle that has gotten him no closer to stardom than he was when he started, and living without any real direction or hope for the future. Until, that is, he’s reunited with Lucy.

As Lucy’s summer plans fall through, Jude offers her a spot as a roadie on his band’s tour. When she accepts, she has no idea how much God will change her and Jude both through the experience and how they’ll grow to need and love one another in all the unexpected trials that are ahead.

Meant To Be is a love story full of sunshine and rain, centering on God’s faithfulness through the joys and sadness of life…

Make sure and head on over to Amazon to get your free book, and pass the word along to others who might enjoy a sweet love story!


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