New Book!

Hey, friends!

My newest book, More, has just released on Amazon! It’s only $3.99 on Amazon and FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Years ago, Andrea Walton kept a secret from Jackson Lawin.

She’s been living as a single mother ever since, doing her best to raise her son to be everything that she dreams he can be. Even as she sees him growing into a young man of great capability, both of them content in the life that she’s created for them, she has a sense that something is missing.

When she unexpectedly runs into Jackson and her secret is revealed, both of them struggle to make peace with the past and with what their choices now mean for the future.

Will God make what was wrong into something right for both of them? And will they discover that there’s more in store for their lives?

You can find the book here. Happy reading!


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