FREE book – All I Ever Wanted

My book, All I Ever Wanted, is FREE today and through this weekend! Here’s what one reader had to say about it…

“I absolutely love Jenn Faulk’s books, I have read every single one of them! I started with Resolutions and moved on to a couple of others. When I realized most of the characters are connected somehow, I looked her up on Google, found her website, and found the list of her books in order. I have officially read all of them now, and I plan to go back and re-read them. This book is a prequel to all her others. It sets the stage beautifully if you’re starting out, or if you have read her books, gives a lovely backstory to a family you are familiar with. I love her overarching themes of redemption, forgiveness and living for Jesus. Her characters are so relatable and encouraging, and I love how she incorporates the gospel message into every story. I appreciate how this book discusses the drug/alcohol recovery process, and how God works to bring healing and sobriety. It’s also really nice to read a romantic story that doesn’t get sexual – there is some kissing and looking forward to the marriage bed, but Jenn doesn’t take it too far IMO. Seriously, love these books, I plan to reread and review them as I go along!”

You can get your free copy by going here. Happy reading!

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