Becoming Us

I have such exciting news!

This past year, I got the opportunity to work on a project with the very talented Jaycee Weaver, author of the Everyday Love series. We had so much fun working together, and our book, Becoming Us, is now available for preorder on Amazon!

Here’s a little bit about it… 

He’s easy-going and charming. She’s hot-tempered and tightly wound. Can they become better together than who they are apart?

Working through the disappointment of a teaching career that isn’t what he expected it to be, Mason Hayes’ otherwise cushy life gets turned upside down by the sudden loss of both parents in a car accident, leaving him with no one in the world. Until, that is, a half-sister he never knew existed shows up.

Hailee Miller-Garcia would do anything for Gina Bennett, including make a trip to meet the brother Gina’s never known – despite the issues Hailee’s having with her mother and little brother. As Mason’s life becomes entangled with her own, his laidback approach challenges her to reevaluate her own ways of dealing with the past, the present, and her dreams for the future.

Delving past friendship and growing into deeper feelings, it’s clear Hailee and Mason are better together. But the road ahead may be rocky and full of unexpected detours, challenging each of them to draw closer to Christ, work through their issues, and dream of a different future for themselves as they become more than a you and a me – they become us.

How fun is that?! And if you’ve read any of Jaycee’s books or my books… well, you just might recognize Mason and Hailee.

You can preorder Becoming Us by going here. The book will release on December 1st, when it will also be available on Kindle Unlimited.

Happy reading, friends!


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