New Book – Unmasked

It was a stupid idea. Really.

Last spring when Covid-19 reached the US and we all went into this strange season of quarantine, social distancing, and sanitizing literally everything (if we were lucky enough to find sanitizer!), my husband told me that I should write a book about a couple falling in love in the midst of all of this insanity. “The guy could have some hideous scar or something,” he told me. “Something underneath his mask that she never sees as they’re falling in love. You could call the book Unmasked!” I told him that no one would read a book like that and that I had no interest in trying to write it anyway.

But you know, the idea stuck with me. And as time went on… well, I started thinking that I just might do it!

So, it happened. Here’s a little snippet about (yes) Unmasked

He’s wounded and broken. But the mask keeps her from seeing who he really is…

Will Jones is teaching high school in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Navigating the Covid culture, while challenging and ever changing, is bearable thanks to the school nurse, Cora Franklin, and the friendship that she and Will begin to share as they work side by side.

Cora is a single mother who loves the Lord and is trusting Him for the future. As she begins to have feelings for Will, she begins to imagine him as part of her life for the long term, yet still finds herself wondering at the distance he keeps, as he’s always wearing a mask in more ways than one.

Unmasked is a sweet story about faith and love in the time of coronavirus. While Covid itself is a very serious matter, this story is lighthearted, chronicling the stranger parts of quarantine, social distancing, and all the ways that life changed in 2020.

Unmasked is available on Amazon right now for just 99 cents or for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. 

I hope you love it!


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