Hey, friends!

I have a new book out! Here’s a little bit about it…

Even with their hearts full of difficult questions, maybe they’ll help one another to find something like peace.

Sunny Takahashi has gone to Okinawa, Japan to spread her grandfather’s ashes and to tell him goodbye. Her faith in Christ leaves her with doubts about her grandfather’s eternity, her entire family’s standing before God, and what her place in God’s will for them should be.

Ryan Botha is running his own tour company in Okinawa, doing all that he can to make his business successful. An unexpected text from a stranger in the US, combined with all that Ryan is struggling with regarding his own faith, leaves him out of sorts when he picks up his newest tour group from the airport, only to find that the group is just one young woman with a box of ashes.

Maybe is a love story about knowing God, about trusting Him with everything, and about finding peace, even when doubts arise.

You can get your copy of Maybe on Amazon for $3.99 or for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Just check it out here. (There’s also a paperback edition available!)

Happy reading!


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