Shopping and Smiles

I ordered Wes’s birthday present recently. His birthday is two weeks from today — he’ll be turning a very “ancient” 27. (I think. I’ve lost count. All those late twentysomething birthdays are the same, aren’t they?) Since we keep such a tight budget around here and both watch it so diligently, I had to tell him that I’ve gotten his birthday present so he won’t worry when he sees things thrown off a bit. I didn’t tell him what it was, but I told him the price. Now, he will likely be disappointed when he finds out what it is, having imagined a million other things it could have been, when he would have just been obliviously surprised and excited if I had never mentioned it at all. We’ve run into this problem countless other times since marrying. How do you surprise someone when you share a bank account?

Anyway, busy weekend ahead for us as we travel down to Texas for Andreya’s graduation. Ah, college graduation. Do you remember how incredible it felt to turn in that last paper, knowing that you weren’t going to be writing another one? How liberating it felt to finish that last final, knowing that you were done studying? Even if you knew graduate school was the next step, it was still incredible to know that you were done — DONE — with college. What a relief!

The girls are sleeping later than normal this morning. They only managed to get one nap in yesterday and ran themselves silly when they were awake, so I guess they’re making up for lost time. Emma has started pulling up to a kneeling position… with one little foot planted firmly on the ground, almost ready to just stand on up. When she gets there, she turns her head around to find me and gives me a look that is similar to this…

Makes me smile!
Well, I think that’s it for now. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms and moms-to-be out there! Hope you have a great weekend!

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