Oh, Ana…

Heard recently from the big sister…

– Ana, looking at a picture of our sponsored child from Uganda, “Who’s the brown guy?” This is the first time she’s said anything to us about skin color, so she and I talked about how God made us all different. When I asked her what color she is, she looked at her skin and said, “I’m white… but I want to be blue.” (Coming soon… Avatar Ana!)

– Ana, watching a Disney Halloween DVD, “I wish I could have Halloween at Walt Disney World.” Me to Ana, “You’d have to have a lot of money to go there for just one day.” Ana to me, apparently forming a plan, “YOU have lots of money!” (Wealth is relative to a three year old, I assure you.)

– Ana, in her own stall in the church restroom, flinging open her door after Emmy kept peeking under it, “I need some PRIBACY, Emma!” (Did I mention that she was standing there stark naked while saying this? Because she was. And it made her need for “pribacy” all the more ironic.)

– Ana, during the song portion of the worship service, “Can I have my Doodle Bug?” The Doodle Bug is a folder with crayons and paper that I let her have during the sermon. Me to Ana, “You need to wait until Papi gets up to talk.” Ana, rolling her eyes (!!!), “Papi is ALWAYS talking.” (Wes was so amused by this that he actually shared it with the church before he started preaching.)

– Ana to Emma, “Do you like me?” Emma to Ana, “Nope.” Ana to me, “Emma’s breaking my heart, Mommy!” (Everyone breaks her heart these days. “Breaking my heart” is Ana’s new favorite phrase.)

– Ana to anyone who would listen, “Jesus was a little baby, and His mommy was Mary, and she was SO happy when He was born, and said, ‘Hi, baby Jesus!’ And He hugged His mommy and said, ‘Mommy, I sure do love you!'” (I’m pretty sure that the Gospel of Ana, while entertaining, would have never made it into the Bible.)

– Ana, concerning the giant blob that Emma was fingerpainting, “She’s drawing a race car and a driver.” I asked Emma if Ana was right, and she added, “Yes — he goin’ to a restaurant!” (Ana, interpreter of all abstract art.)

– Ana to Emma, “Which movie would you like to watch, Sister?” Emma, pointing to one, “Dis one.” Ana to Emma, “No, that’s not the one you want.” (Gotta love big sisters!)

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